Remodels and Additions

You may already have a home that you love and cherish, but it may need updating or your family has grown. Bogard and Sons Construction enjoys remodels and additions and strives to seamlessly join the new project with the old. There is a special challenge in working with your existing structure to refresh it. Your finished project should not look like an add-on but look like it was meant to be there from the beginning. How can Bogard and Sons Construction improve your home? Does your outdated kitchen or bathroom need an update? Does your home need a little curb appeal? Can we improve your lifestyle? What do you need more space for? Do you have a child that is getting married? New grandkids coming? Or just need more space? A remodel or addition may be the way to go.


Challenges and Industry Frustrations

Remodels and additions can be very challenging from both the builders and the homeowner’s perspective. Most often, you remain living in your house while we work on it. This poses problems for dust, noise, parking, and general day-to-day life. The most important step in additions and remodels, for us, is the protection of your property that is in a construction zone. Bogard and Sons Construction covers all flooring that we are walking on and surfaces they may be accidentally damaged. The next step is hanging a plastic curtain for dust separation. This separation has a zipper built-in to seal up the construction area. The heart of our remodel dust control is the Build Clean negative air pressure system. The build clean system is a high-volume air mover that filters the dust out of the air then blows clean air through a hose outside. This creates a negative air pressure situation that does not allow any dust to escape out of the room that we are working in. We know that this system is working when we see the plastic dust curtain getting pulled into the room under negative air pressure. We have gotten great feedback on our negative air pressure system and it saves us a lot of time in cleanup. There are many loud noises associated with constructing an addition or remodel. One of these noises you will not hear on a Bogard & Sons construction job site is a loud radio, blaring music. Radios are kept to a respectable level or headphones are used. There are many trades that are involved in remodels and additions. However, we are very respectful and will not clog up your driveway with a bunch of trucks when you are trying to maintain your busy life. Our employees and subcontractors park on the side of the road unless it is necessary to temporarily load or unload materials near the house. We are also considerate of your schedule and let you know in advance our need to shut off water, disconnect electricity, or any other disruption to your life.


Costs vs. Rewards for Remodeling and Addition

Improving your existing home can be very rewarding and exciting and make your dreams come true. The first question you will need to answer is, what you hope to accomplish with your project and the project budget. Going into the project with a realistic budget at the front end will save a lot of frustration. Remodels and Additions are more expensive per square foot than new construction but knowing a budget up front will help the design process. The budget will determine that scope of work and will help answer smaller questions later in the design process. The budget also determines factors such as size, level of detail and complexity that you might not have considered up front. For remodels and additions in older homes, it is important to start with a total cost of 10% less than the actual budget you have in mind. The 10% cushion will be there for “undiscoverable” surprises often found in these types of remodeling and addition projects. These surprises could come in the form of rotted wood, cracked foundations, hidden pipes and wires in walls, or pipes and wires that need to be replaced. It is our goal to be prepared for and minimize these “surprises”.


Why would anyone want to go through the cost, noise and disruption in their life to do a remodel or addition? These types of projects can be challenging but the rewards are worth it when the project is complete! You will have a home that better fits your lifestyle, will look more attractive, will be more functional, and increase the value of your house. There is often intangible improvement that happens during an addition and remodel like a new roof, improved insulation with a higher R-Value, or a high efficiency furnace with heating and cooling zones. We hope that you live in and enjoy your project for a long time, but if your life changes, you will have an easier time selling and receive a higher sales price with a remodeled home. There may be a larger gathering area to make your family or extended family more comfortable. You could have an extra bedroom or bathroom to improve your daily routine, your kitchen could be larger, more up to date and functional with all of the bells and whistles of modern kitchen cabinets and countertops, or your bathroom could be more luxurious. Your curb appeal may be improved by replacing your garage door, entry door or adding stone veneer to your facade. You may have a sunroom or porch to spend mornings with a cup of coffee and a good book. This makes it all worthwhile. Please see Bogard and Sons Constructions before and after photos for a sample of the remodels and additions we have completed. We are happy to provide a list of references that you may call to discuss their experience with Bogard and Sons Construction. You may be inspired to dream about your next project with Bogard and Sons Construction! Contact us to start the process of planning your next remodeling or addition project!

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