Design Elements

At Bogard and Sons Construction, we have heard potential clients considering a new home project feeling overwhelmed because of “all the decisions” that need to be made about the various details of their new home. We believe that those details are what make a home uniquely reflect the homeowner and the very aspects that excite us about your new custom home project. There are a lot of choices out there, but with a little time brainstorming, together we will have suggestions for you that reflect your personal taste and desired outcome for your new space. We will meet and discuss your vision and hopes for your project and be able to help you with your design not only in the practical ways your house will flow and the functionality of your space, but also the artistic and fun ways that will make your home utterly your own. We will create an Idea book to share ideas and details that you love and incorporate these into your project, it can include items from small trim details and faucets to the grander great room window layout and fireplace designs. These are the details that people stop and notice. The memorable details that make your custom home unique.

Bogard and Sons Construction will start by discussing with you the overall feel you wish for in your new home. Are you looking at the cottage style and know that you love the idea of a neutral color palette, shiplap walls and a screened in porch to sip your coffee each morning or do you enjoy the look of natural wood and stone that reflect an up north cabin retreat, complete with a great room, big views and a beautifully warm fireplace? Or maybe it is a sophisticated contemporary home with lots of windows and metal fixtures with clean straight lines you dream of to host dinner parties with friends and and family. In a short amount of time, we will narrow down a lot of choices by getting at the big picture feel you dream of for your project. You may just have specific images in your mind about how you want your home to feel based on previous experiences you loved and wish to recreate in your own space. Do you want a cozy den to play chess with your grandkids or maybe you have a fond memory of laughter with your closest friends over drinks and a sunset on the lake. During your initial meeting with Bogard and Sons Construction, we want to hear all about the “whys” of your future project. These things will give us a springboard to start from and in no time we will be on our way to making your dreams a reality.

At Bogard and Sons Construction we have had the privilege to use some really amazing reclaimed and refurbished elements that will likely spur all kinds of discussion and imagination about their history. For example, in one project we used reclaimed wood that had been legally brought up from a submerged barge that sat at the bottom of the lake for years before being brought to the surface and later incorporated into the backdrop of a bathroom wall and framed with nautical sconces. In another lakefront home, we used one-hundred year old barn beams that will be a focal point of a great room, contributing to the open air feel of the vaulted ceiling in that space. At Bogard and Sons Construction, we love where we have the privilege to live, work, and play and particularly enjoy bringing elements of our outdoor environment into our interior spaces. We appreciate components that reflect the “up north” lifestyle like a fireplace with a river rock surround that perfectly replicates the shoreline outside your new home or using beach glass tile and driftwood towel hooks in your bathroom layout. In one particular project, we knew our client had a wine rack and hutch they were particularly fond of and based on their taste in that piece we were able to help them with spindles and a handrail inspired by the look. It’s possible you are looking at an addition and are particularly concerned about making the space cohesive with the current home, we can help with that as well. We are able to match the stain on the current trim throughout the home or help locate tile that will coordinate with what you have and love in other areas of the house. There are just plain practical design pointers we can assist with too, like advising you about adequate closet space, ample storage hooks in the garage or a well designed mud room that will make the day to day aspects of life a little simpler.

The exterior of your house needs to be as unique as the interior, so we make sure your house get noticed from both the road and the lake. The design of your house should allow immediate views of the lake as soon as you open the front door. Open the door to the relaxing view and know that you are on “lake time”. At Bogard and Sons Construction, of course we love to build beautiful things, but our ultimate mission is to create spaces that connect generations and cultivate family relationships. In a recent project, during the design phase with a couple we discovered it was their dream to create a space where they could bring together their very large family. They wanted a space to bring kids and grandkids together for weekends on the lake playing board games and learning to waterski and have “sister weekend getaways” filled with laughter, good food and good wine. We were able to work with them to create a bunk room in their new home with custom bunk beds to sleep fifteen grandkids for weekends up north. Another component of the design was an incredible addition to include a screened in three seasons room and large deck to enjoy coffee and sunrises or Independence Day fireworks. We smile thinking about the new memories that our clients and their families will create in their Bogard and Sons Homes, it is truly why we do what we do!

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