Custom Home Building

Every family is unique and we build that into our homes here at Bogard and Sons Construction. From a large family gathering at the lake to a more intimate retirement cottage with all of the luxuries you have earned, each home is built to match your specific needs and desires. In addition to taking all requests for wants and needs seriously we also find that some lake lots have special challenges. For instance, some lots call for a walk-out basement and others need to be set on the lot to maximize the view or increase privacy. At Bogard and Sons Construction all of these more complicated factors are considered when building a custom home for our clients. It is a major benefit for lake home buyers to take advantage of our unique and intimate knowledge of these types of considerations when setting out to construct a lake home. From complicated site work and design to the knocking out the final details on the punch list resulting in the total job completion, here at Bogard and Sons Construction we are all about the whole package and the entire process. It is a passion and an honor to have built homes of such splendor and beauty that families will be enjoying for years and generations.

We are very intentional in who we work with just as you are very intentional in who you work with on a large investment like a vacation home. These types of purchases are rightly some of the most important to take close care and consideration when it comes time to making the decision for a builder. You have accomplished the task of getting to a point in your life where you are able to build a custom vacation home and you are serious about who you have build it for you! We pride ourselves on the previous work that we have accomplished in the past and that we are currently producing now. Bogard and Sons Construction has built amazing homes and has been diligent to create a reputation of excellence in the Northern Michigan markets. We would love the opportunity to sit down with you and show you exactly what we can do. In addition to presenting our process and our portfolio of successful projects, we are very intentional about insuring that you are a good fit for us as much as us being a good fit for you! This involves having detailed conversation about the lot you plan on constructing a lake home on, your vision for the functionality and style, your ideas for plans and designs, as well as your budget and your timeline for completing your new custom built lakefront home with us. We dive deep in a systematic way using our years of experience and time tested processes during these initial meetings. After many successful years in this industry the professionalism at Bogard and Sons Construction allows us to ask all the right questions and show our clients just how much we care about turning dreams into reality.

Many times, we are able to help our clients gain an understanding of what is and is not achievable with lakefront homes however our top priority is to make your dreams come true for you and your family. The opportunity to build a second or third home for people is a very large responsibility as well as a pleasure. This process is always a bit complicated given the unique needs and desires for custom features that our clients typically have so we make sure that everyone we work with are a good fit for us. We do this with our team as well to make sure that we only have the highest character employees and subcontractors possible and we are very intentional about working with high caliber individuals who have a passion for excellence compounded by professional and seasoned expertise. This makes the process move along smoothly and we are able to maintain a personal and professional relationship that can last for years to come when we commit to building a home for the clients that we enjoy working with most and with the subcontractors that help us to create these masterpieces. If you are curious about the types of clients who have enjoyed working with us in the past we encourage you to take a look at our reviews from satisfied clients. You can find them on our testimonies page as well as our Google Business Listing. Our clients love to refer us after experiencing what an amazing job we do and we sincerely appreciate the kind words they have shared about us and our service. We are very realistic and pride ourselves in knowing our capacity and capabilities so that we can set reasonable expectations when engaging in contracts with new prospective clients. If you are looking for the cheapest builder who will slam your house together as quickly as possible, then we are probably not a good fit for your project.

We let our clients know up front that we take our time in the details make sure it’s right the first time. Our tolerances for square, plumb and level are tighter than the industry standards and that results in a better-looking finished product every time. Our clients know this and prefer this high level of excellence over the quick cheap home. We want the homes that we build to last longer than the average house and stay in families for generations. We have found time and time again that spending a little extra time squaring up the footings and foundation actually saves us time in the long run when we are framing the walls, laying the floor and installing the roof above. This intensity gives you a well built house with no messy looking caulked joints and cracking drywall problems. If this is the type of attention to detail that you are looking for in your custom lake home builder, head on over to our Contact Us page and fill out the form to set up a consultation and we will be in touch to set a time to meet you! Just for taking the time to allow us to wow you with our custom home building knowledge, expertise, processes and systems you will receive a $100 gift certificate to the local treasure Pearl’s New Orleans Restaurant for you and your family to enjoy.

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