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Hi, this is Andy with Bogart and sons construction, northern Michigan custom home builder. Today we are going to talk about Torch Lake property. Pure looking to buy a piece of property on torch lake or elk lake. I will help you decide what area of the lake may fit best for your family to spend quality time at the cottage.

The most famous area of Torch Lake is the sandbar at the self. And this is also the entrance to the torch river, which heads down to this Gig Mug Lake Torch Lake. See My, uh, the sandbar is known for a large gathering, partying and uh, just good times in the shallow water of the torch lake. Sandbar.

The road that runs along the south and of the Sandbar is crystal beach road and that is lined with small older cottages generally have been too small for renovation. And in recent years the pattern has been to tear down the small cottages and rebuild with larger homes that will accommodate and families and multiple generations. The bottom of the lake is as the name suggests, sandy and it’s very shallow and just great swimming. Um, it’s sometimes is sheltered from the wind a little bit if there’s a south wind, which is the prevailing wind, uh, so it will be a little bit calmer, maybe a little cooler, but, uh, definitely calmer on the windy days. If you come down to the sandbar on your boat, it’d be sheltered. You will hear noise from the sandbar if you decide to buy property along the south end of the torch lake,

The people hanging out, yelling, laughing, um, listening to music, generally having a good time. If you’re looking for a peaceful tranquil setting to a sip your lemonade and look over to the calm water, you will not want to be on the South End Torch Lake. But if you’re looking for lots of activity, he likes to see people having fun, really big fast boats, unique boats. Then south side is for you, the east side of Torch Lake is known for having great sunsets and also the water is a little bit warmer on the east side of the lake due to the prevailing winds that blow warmer surface water into your side. The downside of that is that any kind of debris or leaves or piling or anything else floating in the lake will wash up on your shore. If you’re on the east side of Torch Lake. Uh, the clam river exits the east side of torch lake and that goes up through clam lake and then the grass river up to intermediate like, so it’s a great way to explore, especially on the windy days you can get out of the more open water and explore the smaller lakes.

Um, the bottom of the west side is going to be a little bit rocky, but there are areas of sand also. So, um, the east side is a nice place to be. The west side of torch lake is my favorite. That is this sunrise side. And I’m a, I am an early riser, so I like to see the sunrises. And, um, the other benefit of the west side is that it’s closer to Travers city. If you have a business to do in Trevor City, you’re a lot closer than anywhere else on the lake. And the water’s cleaner because, uh, the, again, the prevailing winds pushes the debris, leaves and piling and all that away from your shore.

The west side has its own issues though there are clay deposits underground and the shoreline is Rakhi. So swimming is not as good, but there are sandbars on the west side also and you can find good swimming spots near much of the Torch lake property available. But generally, the west side of torch lake is rocking. The north side of Torch Lake is very quiet, very calm. If this is a place you’re looking to get away from everybody, then uh, there’s still a lot of houses up there, but you’re not going to get the activity of the south side. The traffic that goes from Torch River through the south end of torch lake up to clam lake is kind of the busiest traffic area on the lake. So once you get past north of Clam river, then starts getting a little calmer from boat traffic, little quieter. So if that’s where you like to be, then the north end is for you.

The North end is a little bit narrower too. So it, it feels a little, it feels more like a smaller lake. You can see the other side a little bit easier. Um, the other thing about the northern end is that you have the torch Lake Yacht club there. So a few times a week you’ll see 50 to 100 boats, small sailboats racing and you can see them from certain Torch lake property as well. They have a little buoy, a set up to race around the lake. Uh, so that’s uh, uh, that’s something neat. They’re quiet and they’re small and something exciting to see. Uh, each side of the lake has its own benefit. Uh, I would say middle of the West is the sweet spot in my opinion, only because of my personal preferences. I like it a little bit quieter. I like the sunrise and it’s closer to Trevor City when for working dinner close to, Oh crap. It’s a little air, has a lot of good restaurants. Also,

there is a few places to drive up your boat in torch lake. Alden is one where they have a small harbor with courtesy docks. If you want to go take a break from boating, you can tie up there. We’re walking to Aldean and there’s Higgins ice cream store there. There’s the torch Lake Beer company and a half a dozen other stores that uh, you may want to visit while you were in Alden. The other area that is kind of fun as far as torch lake property goes, people like to boat two is spread and clam river. It’s called the dockside restaurant and it’s a popular destination and you can drive right up there, hook, tie up to their dock and then go in great food, good atmosphere and uh, it’s fun watching the boat traffic along the river clean river and then go back and enjoy your family. It’s about 10-minute dry boat ride back to torch river. From there, Torch River takes about 30 minutes to get down to [inaudible] lake and then going back up to torch river, you, it takes about 45 minutes. Do the difference in the speed of the current. So this is my overview of the sides of torch lake. Um,

I’ve, I didn’t mention that. If you are into biking or running or walking the dog, the east side of Torch Lake as a road that goes through it, it’s called the East torch lake drive. And people travel on pretty fast, about 55, um, where the west side, the speed limits are a little lower. There’s less traffic because you have US 31 there. So anyone that’s going through six to 31, but that is a, uh, some to be considered if you’d like to do bike or run or walk your dog with, has been hanging out with your family. South West Torch Lake drive is, looks like a bike path some days rather than a row just because of all the activity. And, uh, it’s okay. We love to see people having fun with their families up in northern Michigan and at their Torch Lake property as well. Thank you for listening and we’ll talk to you next time. Bye Bye.