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Top Northern Michigan Home Builders

Do you dream of going kayaking or boating with your family on the lake and enjoying a beautiful lakefront home too? Let Bogard and Sons Construction help make your dreams come true and build your dream lakefront home in Northern Michigan. We have skill builders and designers Rady to assist you and help you design your dream home for you your family to create lasting memories. Give us a call today at (231) 499-6025 and schedule an appointment today. All remodels, new additions and custom-built get $100 gift certificate with an appointment to talk about your project. It’s an amazing offer and one you can take advantage of today. For the top Northern Michigan home builders, contact Bogard and Sons Construction today.

Living near a lake is an amazing experience. We get excited when the a client comes and are excited about building a new home in Northern Michigan. Another feature that we are offering with all custom-built contracts is a choice of a free outdoor kitchen or dock. A dock is so amazing to have because it allows you to dock your boat anytime. The pain were random access every time you want to trailer your boat to the waterfront, having this dock gives you so much freedom. Contact us today at top Northern Michigan home builders and let us build your dreams.

Our clients have given us a five-star Google review. They say we are dependable, we keep our area clean, and we are professional. They say that they will do business with us again. We pay great attention to detail and we know that you will absolutely love your home. If you need a remodel or new addition done to your home, we will help bring your dream a reality. For the top Northern Michigan home builders give us a call today.

We understand that today’s families are often divided by distance and the thought of creating a place for them to gather and spend time together is a privilege with which were honored to be entrusted. A lot of clients are building or second or third vacation. And they are looking for large spacious areas and all the bells and whistles. Our top designers are committed to giving you the best design that you will be please with.

Another benefit of working with us is that we thoroughly communicate with our customers. It can be frustrating to hire a home builder only have you guys what exactly is happening on your job. Many times we are building a home for people live 5 to 4 hours away or even sometimes even from across the country so by communicate with them we were given them the confidence to know that we are getting the job done in this gives them a piece of mind. One family lived out of the country and they needed us to build a lakefront home for them. We kept them in the loop and we communicated to them by sending them daily updates on job progress and on our schedules. This customer was glad that we did. For the best top Northern Michigan home builders, contact us today at (231) 499-6025 or

Top Northern Michigan Home Builders | Our Team Is Ready to Serve You!

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Top Northern Michigan Home Builders

Imagine sitting out on the back porch and enjoying the beautiful view of a sunny day and a peaceful lake. This dream can be possible if you give Bogard and Sons Construction a call today and let us begin to design your dream lakefront home. So give us a call today at (231) 499-6025 and let us start the process. This could be a great vacation spot for you and your family for generations. Bogard and Sons Construction is all about creating spaces for family to build great relationships and to enjoy lots of laughter and create memories that will last. For the top Northern Michigan home builders, give us a call today.

When you set an appointment with us and stop in we will give you $100 gift certificate. It’s a free gift on us. We are so grateful for your service and we’re excited to make your dreams a reality. We will meet and discuss your vision your hopes your project and be able to help you with your design not only in the practical ways your house will flow and the functionality of your space, but also the artistic and fun ways to make your home your own. We want to create a home where people will stop and know it’s notice. We also want to create a home that will while your family and friends. So if you’re looking to design a fireplace or to build a special room just for your grandchildren or your children, we want to help you make your dreams a reality.

We only start by discussing the overall feel you wish to have your new home. Are you looking at the cottage style or are you or are you passionate about certain colors that you want to see. Whatever it may be we will listen and design the home of your dreams. And Northern Michigan we have built many homes in our customers have been very happy with our services. Our home builders look for to starting each and every new project because we want to see families come together as we know that many families are separated by distance. So by creating a space where they can gather and come for the summer or spring is so worth it.

We believe the exterior of your house needs to be just a special as the interior. We want to make sure your house gets notice from both the road and the lake. The design of your house should allow me to view views of the lake as soon as you open the front door. Open the doors to the relaxing viewing know that you are one lake time. We absolutely love to build beautiful things in our ultimate mission is to create spaces that connect generations and cultivate family relationships. For the top Northern Michigan home builders, give us a call today.

So let us create the space were the you can gather with family and friends or have sister weekend getaways or weekends with the guys. We are able to work with creating a bunkbeds for your grandchildren to sleep in up north. For the top Northern Michigan home builders, give us a call today at (231) 499-6025 or visit