Top Northern Michigan Home Builders | Best in Michigan
This content was written for Bogard and Sons Construction.

Your search is over I have found the top northern Michigan home builders in our area and their name is Bogard & Sons Construction. Right now Bogard & Sons Construction is the highest and most reviewed home builder in northern Michigan and you will be 100% satisfied with the construction process as well as the final end product whatever you sign up with Bogard & Sons Construction. They are absolutely committed to over achieving for their client and you will be no exception to this. They value their clients as if they are their own family. So they will treat you as if you’re the family to the Bogards. If this type relationship that Andy Bogard, the owner and operator for Bogard & Sons Construction strides to create with not only his clients but anyone who interacts company including contractors and subcontractors.

No matter what you’re looking for in a top Northern Michigan home builders you will be able to find it here at Bogard & Sons Construction. They offer design elements, new construction, as well as remodels and additions. You are in the best hands possible when you are remodeling or building with Bogard & Sons Construction. They are members of several different organizations here in Michigan and they are always committed to give back to the community is given them so much. Every day Andy Bogard wakes up he gets to go exactly what he is always wanted to do in his life and that is construction. He’s always had a knack for and is always passionate and intrigued about the industry. This is why he is constantly staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest technologies and techniques that come literally every day now. He gives his of his customers the most forms options when it comes to choosing a home or office that fits your needs and lifestyles of his clients family.

Add-ons are great way to square footage to an already existing home and therefore not have to move all of your stuff and family miles away to another home. So if you are expecting a new child or maybe your mother-in-law is coming to live with you now. Look no further than the top Northern Michigan home builders here at Bogard & Sons Construction. They will be to get in and get out of your home quickly and efficiently and as always clean up the mess after they are done. If you’ve ever dealt construction contractors before you will know that some of them are not too fond on cleaning up after they are finished with their construction.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had to clean up after contractors who I could never get a hold of them and I would eventually just have will to clean it up myself. I promise you’ll never experience this with Bogard & Sons Construction a make sure that they leave the scene cleaner than when they first arrived.

So go with the very best the industry here at Bogard & Sons Construction as they will exceed all your expectations easily. Visit them online to see a full list of services they provide at or give them a call today at (231) 499-6025.

Top Northern Michigan Home Builders | Ahead of the rest
This content was written for Bogard and Sons Construction.

How many hours have you wasted trying to find a top Northern Michigan home builders in your area and only end up giving out because you simply do not know who you can trust? Well I’ve been in that boat for and I can tell you it is not a easy boat to reach the shore in, but I am here to tell you there is one of their Michigan construction company that stands head and shoulders above the rest and their name is Bogard & Sons Construction. They have been in 2015 and always striving to outdo themselves with every single job that they take on. There constantly going to great heights to ensure that your construction process goes off without a hitch and even if it does, let’s be honest this is construction and that stuff we found to have been Andrew Bogard have the knowledge and ability to be able to get it back on track and still finish your project on time and on budget.

Please sign up for the top Northern Michigan home builders here at Bogard & Sons Construction. They are gearing up for a busy summer season and I hope you can get your name on the list before they start to pile up and overbook for this year. But, don’t you worry. You want to fail that list for there is not another home builder that will go above and beyond quite like the amazing folks here at Bogard & Sons Construction. Imagine just lounging on the lake taking in the sun as the sun slowly sets and you look back up in your house and realize how beautiful it is and how lucky you were to sign up with Bogard & Sons Construction to construct such an amazing home for you at a unbelievably competitive price.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns that are keeping you from signing up with the top Northern Michigan home builders in the area here at Bogard & Sons Construction been please do not hesitate to reach out to them via phone at (231) 499-6025 or on their website at I guarantee she will not find another construction company that truly cares as much as Bogard & Sons Construction. And the have will take you from start to finish and keep you in the light the entire time. Many other construction contractors and keeping the dark and not knowing exactly where it is that you stay in the construction process. This is not the best way to do business and Andrew Bogart learn this many years ago. He knew having an awesome construction-based company was only half the battle, the other half was customer service and that is the area that most construction companies lack.

If you are still on the fence about signing up with Bogard & Sons Construction I would recommend doing a quick online search and read the numerous five star reviews left out Bogard & Sons Construction and you will see it is quite evident that they are truly one of the best construction companies in the industry today. They are always going above and beyond to ensure their clients had the highest quality construction around. Whatever you’re looking to build you can trust Bogard & Sons Construction to go above and beyond in order to exceed all of your wildest expectations. They want you to enjoy your home for many decades to come and when you to Bogard & Sons Construction you will as they make some of the most solid structures and Northern Michigan today.

Please visit their website for more information and to get signed up with Bogard & Sons Construction today. Their website is or give them a call at (231) 499-6025.