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Top Northern Michigan Home Builders

Do you dream of reading your favorite book on the dock and and enjoying a beautiful Lakeview? Or perhaps you dream of going jet skis anytime of the day and enjoying the weather. No matter what your dreams are, Bogard and Sons Construction want to help build the perfect lake front home for you, so you can make those dreams a reality. Give us a call today at (231) 499-6025’s scheduled appointment so we can listen to your dreams and your vision and begin to make your new home a reality. So for the top Northern Michigan home builders, give us a call.

We believe in providing our customers with exceptional service. So one thing we do not do is cut corners. We trust us to build your new lakefront home, you are putting your dreams and goals in the hands of people you can trust. We bill this trust by continually communicating with you day today so you can know exactly what’s happening on your property and all your future lakefront home. Many of our clients have enjoyed this as they have a confidence of knowing what exactly is going on with the home building process. We take the guesswork out and give you confidence in a reassurance that you know exactly what we are doing. For the top Northern Michigan home builders give us a call.

Because we are so excited about making your dream become a reality, you receive $100 gift certificate when you come and visit us and share your hopes with us when it comes to building your lakefront home. We sit down with you will ask you questions about why you want to build a wonderful home. Because when we understand the reason behind it, we can tailor the building process and home exactly to your desires and purpose behind it. So whether you have grandchildren and you just want to create amazing memories with them, we will make sure that in the design phase to brainstorm creative ideas to make your home one that your grandchildren will absolutely love.

If you enjoy getting the best bang for your buck the you’ll join to offer of receiving a new outdoor kitchen or a dock being built for you, when you decide on all custom built project. We want to make sure your home is better than what you could even imagined. We are committed to offer you the best service possible. We understand that some of our clients live in other states or even outside of the country. When we openly communicate with our customers and gives them confidence knowing that they have skill builders and their working with people with integrity.

For the top Northern Michigan home builders, give us a call today. Our customers has has given us a five-star review on Google. Our customers are impressed with our attention to detail and our ability to envision and create a home within their target budget. This we promise: you will be please with our services.Give us a call today at (231) 499-6025 or visit For the Top Northern Michigan Home Builders give us a call today!

Top Northern Michigan Home Builders | A New Lakefront Home for You!

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Top Northern Michigan Home Builders

Bogard and Sons Construction understand the value of spending time with your family and cultivating family relationships. That’s why when it comes to building your new lakefront home, they are company that you can trust. Take advantage of our wonderful offer for all remodels, new home additions, and custom bills you’ll receive $100 gift certificate with an appointment to talk about your project. Is an amazing offer that you can take advantage of today when you give us a call at (231) 499-6025. For top Northern Michigan home builders, give us a call today.

Michigan is home to beautiful lakes and people love going to lakes and spending time with her family there. When you build a lakefront home, your family has their own private getaway. It gives you the luxury of peace and quiet and the chance to go swimming any time you want to. Let us build the perfect lakefront home for you and your family. We understand that every family is unique and we build homes that are tailored to their desires and needs. We specialize in custom home building. For the Top Northern Michigan Home Builders give us a call today!

For the top Northern Michigan home builders, give us a call. We are very intentional and who we work with because we know how important building a home is to our customers. You have reached a point in your life were you’re able to reward yourself with a new lake front home, so we take extra care and careful steps in making sure your home will be perfect for you. We have built amazing homes and have created a reputation of excellence in t so we make you and so all for two Monday 62 on right now I got be spit by an order to track will tomorrow and then on Saturday so plumbing on Thursday above 40 where I strive for what I thought I would recommend that we track of what, one that will you like Thursday Thursday to you so I get six silicates so we without writing down what I can do is he northern Michigan home market. When you give us a call we will deliver.

We understand that many customers live up 4 to 5 hours away from their dream home location. This gives us a chance to keep them involved in every phase of the project by giving them continual updates and sending them pictures as the project is progressing along. This way our customers do not have to guess about what’s happening with their home. One customer commented that this was a great move for them, when they chose to go with our company to build their lakefront home, because of her open communication they knew they will know trust us and that we were skilled in our work. For the top Northern Michigan home builders contact us today.

We will love to hear your dream and start the process to building a lakefront home that you will love. One of our customers have been waiting to design their dream home for seven years and when they gave us a call we were able to make that dream a reality. They thoroughly enjoyed the first phase of the project and are excited to continue working with us in the next phase. When you give us a call we guarantee that you will work skill builders and top designers design the home that you love. Give us a call today at (231) 499-6025 or visit