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If you are seeking the best in Northern Michigan Home Builders, you will want the services of Bogard & Sons Construction. We go above and beyond. We are offering amazing Michigan construction services for clients just like you. We are members of the national Association of homebuilders, homebuilders Association, Better Business Bureau and other organizations. We are the highest and most reviewed home building company in Northern Michigan. We are a five-star company providing free quotes to clients like you. We want to make sure we are offering every ability for you to get a good deal. Speaking of a good deal, we will build you a free $10,000 outdoor kitchen. Or, maybe you don’t want the $10,000 kitchen. Maybe you want a $10,000 boat dock. Either way, we have you covered. When you book us to build your new home, we will provide an upgrade on us at no additional cost for you. We even provide a $100 gift certificate to your pearls New Orleans kitchen when you book an appointment with us. So what are you waiting for? Look your appointment today and get the absolute best deal when it comes to your construction and home building needs here at Bogard & Sons Construction.

One of the best aspects of our job and our ability to provide experience in Northern Michigan Home Builders, is the consultation. We love brainstorming with you and predicting exactly what your design style, taste, unique family needs and wants will be. We will help you make decisions. We know how frustrating it can be during the process of building a new home to make every little decision. That is why we make sure we understand your needs today. We can the sharing your vision, we will not bother you with every little detail. We can accurately predict and comes with years of experience. We truly are experts in providing amazing design elements.

We go above and beyond to making sure we understand your vision so we can build your brand-new construction from your dream home. We provide a unique ability to build the home of your dreams better than competitors because of our passion in sharing your vision. If you are a large family and you want to pick home, we have you covered. Maybe you just want a small cottage by the lake. If so, we have you covered. Whatever your needs may be, we have you covered. No matter what phase of life you are in, we can build a brand-new home completely suited for you.

We even provide remodel and addition options. We can help you transform your home and make sure it is meeting and exceeding absolutely all of your families unique needs. Your home deserves a little bit of TLC too. That is what we are committed to doing here at Bogard & Sons Construction. We will help you in any and every way that we possibly can.

Find our exceptional Northern Michigan Home Builders when you call 231-499-6025. We invite you to visit our website by going to We look forward to helping you in any possible way that we can when it comes to your home building services.

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Here at Bogard & Sons Construction, we build homes better than the other Northern Michigan Home Builders. This is not a title that we claim for our self. This is actually a title that was given to us by the people. In fact, we are the highest and most reviewed home builder and all of northern Michigan. We go above and beyond for our clients and that is why we have a five-star review. It is actually amazing. When it comes to home building services, the expense is obviously very large. When it you are trusted with a large expense and something as important as clients home, it is major pressure. We want to make sure we are delivering exceptional results every time. We will take our expertise and give our time completely free for you during your free quote. If you contact us to book an appointment for a free quote you will even get a $100 gift certificate to pearls New Orleans. This is our commitment to you here at Bogard & Sons Construction. Here’s something crazy. Once we tell you this, you are either going to believe everything else that we are just told you about how we build better homes, or you are going to think we are absolutely crazy. Here is what we do! We will provide a free $10,000 outdoor kitchen or, a free $10,000 boat deck when you select us for your home building construction services. With as many reviews as we have, experience and satisfied customers, you must assume we are not crazy. We’re just completely committed to delivering exceptional services for clients like you.

So that’s it! Don’t look any further for Northern Michigan Home Builders. You have the perfect team with you right here waiting and willing to deliver exceptional services for you. Let us build your home. We understand that your family is unique. We understand that we have clients needing a home for a very large family, to a small cottage. Either way, we have the expertise and ability to provide exceptional services for you.

Before we begin construction on your brand-new home, we work hard to brainstorm with you to accurately predict exactly what you need. If there’s one thing we have found out from clients just like you, they dread the new home building process because of all the decisions that must be made. This is why we are the experts. We make sure we completely understand during the brainstorm session your complete vision and the functionality required to make your home you need to meet all of your family needs.

Maybe you are not seeking the services of Northern Michigan Home Builders to build your brand-new home, maybe you are simply needing a remodel. Every home needs a little bit of TLC every now and then. That is one thing we are completely committed to here at Bogard & Sons Construction. We will add on to your home and give you amazing additions or simply remodel your home to improve functionality. Either way, we have you covered. We go above and beyond for clients just like you.

We encourage you to visit our website by going to But you to contact our experts when you call 231-499-6025. We go above and beyond because we want to provide amazing services for clients just like you.