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Northern Michigan Home Builders and the amazing construction services of Bogard & Sons Construction can be found on our website or when you contact us by phone. We truly are the best and we are completely committed to clients just like you. We are members of the national Association of homebuilders, homebuilders Association, Better Business Bureau and more. We are the highest and most reviewed Northern Michigan construction home building service provider. We are a five-star reviewed company because of our ability to provide excellent and what we do. We offer free quotes. This is because we want to go above and beyond for clients like you. We will give up our time at no cost to you to make sure we completely understand your vision and you know exactly what to expect from our services. You will not be disappointed. With five-star reviews, we have not disappointed a customer yet. Here’s something crazy. This is not something that people simply trying to make money will do. This is something that only someone completely passionate about building homes would provide for you. What if we told you we would build you a free $10,000 outdoor kitchen or boat dock when you seek our home building services? When you believe it? Well, it is true. This is an offer that will last long. Act now.

The best Northern Michigan Home Builders can be found at Bogard & Sons Construction. We provide amazing new home construction that is completely committed to meeting all of your family’s unique needs and wants. Whether you are a large family seeking a modern and pretty home, or maybe a small family ready to build your sweet cottage style home, we have you covered. The matter what you need, we will make sure you are taking care of because we have the services to provide any and all your excellent needs.

That is why we deliver amazing results for clients just like you. You will love our design elements and ability to accurately predict your taste. We work hard to completely brainstorm with you so we can understand every need and want. We want to provide vision and functionality for clients just like you. We will make decisions because we completely understand what you need.

We even provide remodel and additions. We help with the daily frustrations because we understand how difficult it can be during the process of a remodel. Don’t let the difficulty stop you. We have a solution for every potential problem because we truly have seen it all. Never worry about messing up your daily routine again. Yes, there will be minimal interruptions. However, we work hard to make sure they are that, completely minimal.

Northern Michigan Home Builders are standing by waiting to talk to you when you dial 231-499-6025. We encourage you to visit our website to look and see what other clients are saying about our exceptional services. Just go to We can assure you, you will quickly learn why clients love us and our ability to provide amazing homes and remodels for their specific needs.

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Northern Michigan Home Builders our amazing in the fact that we all work together to build amazing homes. But there is a company to stand out amongst the rest. This is going to be the company crazy enough to offer a free $10,000 outdoor kitchen or boat dock while also providing a free $100 gift card to anyone who books an appointment. This a free $100 gift card is to pearls New Orleans kitchen and a can be yours soon. We are members of the national Association of builders, homebuilders Association, Better Business Bureau and more. We are constantly committed to expanding our expertise and collaborating with the brilliant minds in business and construction services. We will make sure you are completely taken care of when you sign up for our services for your brand-new or existing home.

Here at Bogard & Sons Construction, we have family just like you. That is why we completely understand how important it is and all the work that goes into turning your house into a home. We will help the daily frustrations on a both sides when it comes to remodeling a home. We have been through before. We have family who has been through four. Trust the Northern Michigan Home Builders with family just like you who knows how to minimize family disruptions in the remodeling and construction processes.

We go above and beyond to provide amazing Northern Michigan Home Builders services. We offer new construction because of our ability to meet any and all of your needs. We look at your family and the unique situation to make sure we can deliver that for you.

We even work with the design elements. When we talk about a new construction project for clients just like you, we get feedback that usually goes something along the lines of a we hate the process of building a new home because we don’t like to make that many decisions. You want a say in your home. You want your home to accurately reflect your personality. However, you do not need to be bothered with every little decisions such as what kind of petty you want put on the wall. We work hard to completely understand your vision and the appropriate nationality on your behalf so that we can go above and beyond in services for you. We believe if we can provide customer service making accurate decisions and predicting your design style, needs, wants and more, you will be even more satisfied because you trust us and we were able to deliver exceptional results for you.

We encourage you to visit our website to look at some of our past client testimonials. Again, we have a five-star review that we must be doing something right. Just go to to see past examples of our ability to provide amazing homes in the skill level that goes with that. You may also contact our experts at 231-499-6025. We will deliver a free consultation to you today and even show you before-and-after photos of homes that we have been able to remodel. Whatever your needs may be, we have you covered every step of the way.