Are you looking to build a new house in northern Michigan? If so, you’re going to need fantastic Northern Michigan Home Builders, and not just any builders will do. You’re going to need someone who is dependable, reliable, totally on top of things, good communication. After all, he wants to make sure that you get exactly what you want, right? This is a house is going to be living in for, hopefully, a really long time. That’s why you need Bogard and Sons. With five years of serving extremely satisfied customers with glorious buildings and amazing remodeling jobs, and Sons is the company that you can trust to get the job done.

Andy Bogard, the owner of Bogard and Sons, started working as a homebuilder in 2002, so he has 18 years of experience, not just the five years of experience that he has as the owner of his own company. With years of working with the people of Michigan, he has built trust and established great relationships with his clients. And his experience, dedication, hard work, and professionalism has given him the ability to rise to the top of the list of Northern Michigan Home Builders. He is experienced and respectful, always deferring to what you as a customer want rather than what he as the builder wants. In fact, he is so dedicated to making sure that you are getting want, that he will work very hard to make sure that communication stays open with you throughout the entire process, even if you live halfway across the country while the house is being built. He will send you daily updates in photo format in the order they become too big.

If you want to see examples of why Andy Bogard and his team are considered to be the best Northern Michigan Home Builders, all you need to do is go to his website, where you can see scores of pictures to painting the beautiful work that he is accomplished to date. Every work is unique, vibrant, and custom-tailored to meet the desires of his many varied customers. As soon as I opened the webpage of the photo gallery, I was immediately struck dumb because of how beautiful everything was. It made me wish that I was in need of a new house so that he could build it for me.

Whatever you are in need of as far as homebuilding goes, Andy Bogard is sure to be able to provide for you. Not only are he and his team able to build a house from scratch, they are also able to perform complex remodels, add stellar additions to your home, and also suggest design elements for your house, especially when you’re not sure exactly what you need for a certain area. And, with the ability to get a free $10,000 outdoor kitchen OR boat dock and free $100 gift certificate to Pearl’s New Orleans whenever you book an appointment with them, you can be sure that Andy Bogard is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Ready to contract Bogard and Sons for your project? Visit their website, oversight, or give them a call at 231-499-6025. They look forward to serving you!

Northern Michigan Home Builders | Quality Home Care You Can Count on

When you are looking to build a new home, you want to make sure that the builders you hire our experienced, considerate, and will do their best to make sure that everything is going according to plan. But with so many Northern Michigan Home Builders to choose from, how are you going to find the right one? Well,I can tell you that if you talk with Bogard and Sons, you are going to get the best quality care possible.

Bogard and Sons has been in operation for five years, run by Andy Bogard, an experienced confessional in the homebuilding industry has been working, other Northern Michigan Home Builders for 18 years. As a hard-working man by trade, Andy Bogard’s first commitment is to the customer, making sure that everything that is done in the course of home building or remodeling is done well. In fact, he is so committed to making sure that the customer is fully satisfied that he sends daily pictures of the construction is a to make sure that everything is going according to plan. Work, finish, communication, and respectfulness are all values that Andy Bogard is committed to.

If you are looking to hire the employees of Bogard and Sons as your Northern Michigan Home Builders, be assured that you are going to have access to a variety of services. Not only can you get a beautiful new home built, but you can also get major remodeling on the existing one, have a complete addition added, or have a consultation on design elements. This expert team is going to wow you with their capabilities and every single one of these areas. And, whenever you book an appointment with them, you will receive a free deal and $100 gift certificate to Pearl’s New Orleans. That’s right; you are going to proceed $10,100 worth of free goodies just for booking an appointment with Bogard and Sons. These guys are committed to serving you above and beyond the call of duty.

You’d like to get a taste of the amazing work that Bogard and Sons does, just take a look at the photo gallery on the website. They are, you will find amazing pictures of beautiful works they have done. You’ll see vibrant colors, unique shapes, and areas that make you want to die. On top of pictures, there is also a testimonials page that is of from satisfied customers who recommend Andy Bogard’s work. Among the adjectives that are used to describe Andy Bogard in these reviews, you will find words such as dedicated, dependable, hard-working, detail-oriented, and respectful. So, you can be sure that you work with Andy Bogard and his company, you are going to get excellent service.

Are you ready to get your project started? Are you ready to live in the most beautiful home that you’ve ever seen? If so, give Bogard and Sons a call at 231-499-6025 or visit their website, Bogard and Sons looks forward to serving you.