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This content was written for Bogard and Sons Construction.

Are you ready experience what it’s like working with the highest and most reviewed Northern Michigan home builders in the industry today? Well the search is over, Bogard & Sons Construction is hands-down the best in the business today you will be extremely satisfied with the overall process. Andy Bogard makes building quite simple and logical. He is well-planned down and he never seems to miss any details. He’s meticulous and you will love dealing with him and his wonderful sense of humor and jovial personality. Many people use Bogard & Sons Construction for their one and only construction management firm around. This is because they can handle wide range of construction tasks as well and his dedication and commitment to his clients.

Right now Bogard & Sons Construction is offering an amazing promotion for all those who sign up to build a new home or office on the lake. The very best Northern Michigan home builders here at Bogard & Sons Construction are offering $10,000 to be used towards either your choice of an outdoor kitchen or a boat dock. The choice is yours and maybe you can work out a deal to get both for a certain amount, I don’t have dishonored out there. But you have definitely found the number one home construction builder in Michigan. Andy Bogard began his journey into the construction world back in 2002 and hasn’t looked back since.

There’s a reason most people go with Bogard & Sons Construction for the number one construction company in Michigan today. Number one, they are considered the top-rated northern Michigan home builders around and their level of commitment and dedication runs the. Andy Bogard takes time to get to know each and every client before they break ground on the project. He wants to get to know your likes, dislikes and lifestyle habits so we can tailor a one-of-a-kind custom home for you and your family to live in many years to come. You’ll find many other construction companies that take this type of Time to get their clients on a one case-by-case basis. In fact many construction companies simply put together cookie-cutter design and a preassigned lot.

I promise you will love dealing with Bogard & Sons Construction as they are a rare bird here in the construction industry. As you are familiar most construction contractors are not known for their communication skills. That is further from the truth whatever your dealing with Bogard & Sons Construction as he always makes it a point to keep his clients up to date throughout the entire construction process. Not only will you know where you stand on your time until completion but you will also know where you are on your budget. Andy makes it a point to never go over time and over budget if we can help it. Of course are always the change orders that you don’t end by the customers and that is when a customer makes a change in the design after construction has already begun.

If you want to take advantage of the free $10,000 outdoor kitchen or both dog please give Bogard & Sons Construction a call today. You may reach them at (231) 499-6025 or feel free to look them up online at

Northern Michigan Home Builders | Most reviewed
This content was written for Bogard and Sons Construction.

Right now if you give Bogard & Sons Construction a call they will offer you a free boat dock or outdoor kictchen worth up to $10,000 on any of the services that they offer to the wonderful people who live in northern Michigan and around towards Lake. If you have never had the opportunity to visit Michigan before, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. This is a beautiful state and there are more lake front property here in any where else in America. They also get to experience for true season. You will get to enjoy a beautiful spring as he watched the wildflowers popping up from the fresh white snow on the ground. If you need a reliable Michigan home builder please reach out to be highest rated in most reviewed builder in northern Michigan here at Bogard & Sons Construction.

Right now Bogard & Sons Construction is offering a no-brainer deal. If you sign up with them to build a new home you will receive a free $10,000 outdoor kitchen or and boating dock. The choice is yours to make you and yours alone. They will also give you a free hundred dollars gift certificate to world New Orleans kitchen when you make an appointment with them. So what are you waiting for this is nothing that you cannot pass up as you know this deal is too good to last much longer. Bogard & Sons Construction has been around since the year 2015 but the president and owner of the company has been in the industry since 2002. He has held many different jobs in the construction industry from engineering to design to physical construction. This get wider set of skills that we can apply to building your new home or add-on or remodel. You can trust Bogard & Sons Construction as your number one Northern Michigan home builders around.

If you have any questions that are holding you back from signing up with Bogard & Sons Construction today I would suggest giving their all call at (231) 499-6025 or please visit their website at Bogard website and read testimonials from past clients and those that are extremely satisfied with the overall service that they received from this amazing construction company. I will wait for you right now and go read these Google reviews and I’ll see you here in five minutes…… quote, that was a quick five minutes so I assume you like what you read? Of course you did. You won’t find any negative reviews on Bogard & Sons Construction that’s because there aren’t family. He treats you exactly how you deserve to be treated and you will be in the best hands possible throughout your entire construction process is you are dealing with the top Northern Michigan home builders in the state.

So what is holding you back from recent out to Bogart’s company? I highly recommend giving them a call today so they can get started brainstorming and finding plots or locations that you think be acceptable for your own construction work. They have many thoughts for you to choose from but they will also builds on your own personal property if you are around northern Michigan around Lake torch. So please reach out Bogard & Sons Construction today by visiting their website at or give them a call at (231) 499-6025.