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This content was written for Bogard and Sons Construction.

I’m here to tell you the very best construction company in northern Michigan home builders is the one and only Bogard & Sons Construction. They have been a staple in this amazing Michigan community for many years now and you will be 100% satisfied once you sign up with this amazing construction company. Quality over quantity is her motto and they may not be the biggest construction builders in northern Michigan, but they are hands-down the best and most meticulous and detailed. The very get-go whenever you meet with Bogard & Sons Construction he will take the time to get to know each and every one of his clients on a personal basis. This way he is better able to design and construct a home or office that fits the needs and lifestyles of client.

Many other northern Michigan home builders do not take ample time to get together customers and this is where they fall short or miss their mark in executing their designs. Do not take a gamble sign up with any other northern Michigan construction company for you will be disappointed and let down. I promise you that Bogard & Sons Construction is hands-down the best in the business and they are always striving to learn more and become more efficient or cost-effective. There constantly staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the construction industry and therefore will be able to hand down all this information to their clients in order to give them the biggest bang for their buck.

If you’re ready to get signed up with Bogard & Sons Construction which is considered the number one northern Michigan home builders in the industry today. It is his your commitment and dedication to the client that keeps him going each and every day. Andy Bogart, owner and operator of Bogard & Sons Construction to wake up every day and enjoy his life fully. This because the old saying if you enjoy what you do you’ll never work a day in your. And lucky for Andy as he wakes up every morning ready to take on the construction world and he does so with a smile on his face. It is very difficult to work for Bogard company as he sets his standards extremely high. Because he once you control the company culture and ensure that everyone on his squad is top-notch.

Same thing goes for subcontractors as it is a long process for Andy Bogart to trust and rely on a subcontractor for any and every job that he takes on. It takes many years to form a relationship with be a contractor or employee, but once you are loyal you are good for life as Andy will take care of those take care of him. If you have any questions or concerns that are keeping you from getting signed up today with Bogart company and please do not hesitate to give them a call at (231) 499-6025.

If you’d like more information on how to get started today with Bogard & Sons Construction please visit their website to look at the testimonials and picture gallery showing old homes that they recently completed. You will find this all on their webpage at or reach out to them via phone at (231) 499-6025.

Northern Michigan Home Builders | Cohesive construction
This content was written for Bogard and Sons Construction.

Are you ready to experience the top-rated northern Michigan home builders here at Bogard & Sons Construction? Well if so please give them a call at your earliest convenience at (231) 499-6025 or check out their website at You will be blown away by the level of detail that goes into each and every one of the homes that Andy Bogart, who is the owner and operator of Bogard & Sons Construction put 10 to every home. Nothing is overlooked and nothing is missed. He is extremely meticulous and detailed and will ensure his clients the keenest eye throughout the entire construction process. Because he no that you have many options whenever you choose a builder here Northern Michigan he wants to be the most and out of the group and his personality and high quality construction ethics that can be number one home builder in northern Michigan today.

Even though Bogard & Sons Construction may not be the biggest northern Michigan home builders around in the state, but they are definitely the most detailed and their motto is quality over quantity. From the street or from the Lakeside you can automatically tell Bogard & Sons Construction home just by the aesthetics. This is because nothing is randomly them together here at Bogard & Sons Construction. He works intensively with each and every customer to get a one-of-a-kind custom home design that will fit the needs and desires of the family for many years to come.

If you can think of it Bogard & Sons Construction can build it. They are always striving to themselves on previous construction and you well and wonderful hands as it is a start to go over all the different construction options that you can run through with this one-of-a-kind northern Michigan home builders . This is because owner and operator and the Bogart has more and 17+ years in the industry and he knows exactly what he’s got here in order to ensure the quality satisfaction is obtained and his clients. I promise you will see the difference almost immediately once you begin working with this amazing company. To don’t hesitate or reach out to another competitor here in northern Michigan, you need to go with the very best in the industry here at Bogard & Sons Construction.

I promise they will not let you down or they will not repeat law were treats you in any way that is not conducive to business. Because Bogard & Sons Construction knows that by treating the customer the way they deserve to be treated they are more than likely to refer his company to friends and family in the northern Michigan area. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved you will be joining your beautiful home and next to no time flat. If you have any questions, comments or concerns that is holding you back from signing up with Bogard & Sons Construction today please give them a call and they will be able to answer any and all questions that you may have.

If you’re ready to get signed up with the very best home builder in northern Michigan please reach out to Bogard & Sons Construction. Get more information about their company and services they provide on their website at or give them a call today at (231) 499-6025.