Man, let me tell you if I was going to build a home in northern Michigan, I would use Bogard and Sons, no doubt in my mind. The homes that they build are gorgeous and have no comparison among the other Northern Michigan Home Builders. Having worked on construction and design for 18 years and has owned his own company for five years, you can trust that Andy Bogard knows exactly what he’s doing and how to make your home the best that you’ve ever had.

Other companies are not so good at communication, and you can never trust that you will get the kind of construction that you want. But with Bogard and Sons, the best of the Northern Michigan Home Builders, you can count on constant communication, even if you live across the country while you are contracting them for your build. They want to make sure that everything they do is according to your standards, and they will send you daily photos with updated progress so that you can see instantly if there is something that is not going to plan. These guys are more concerned about quality rather than quantity so that you can be sure that their making your home the best it can be is their top priority.

Per being the best Northern Michigan Home Builders, Andy Bogard and his team offer stellar deals. Not only can you get a free quote, but you can also get some pretty sweet deals when you book an appointment. When you book that appointment, you will get a free $10,000 outdoor kitchen OR boat dock and a free $100 gift certificate to Pearl’s New Orleans. That’s right. You heard me. That’s $10,100 worth of free stuff for just booking an appointment! Bogard and Sons is a company that is so committed to excellence and serving you that they are willing to go above and beyond to make you a happy customer.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, then visit the testimonials page. There you will find going reviews from extremely satisfied customers who are more than happy to recommend Bogard and Sons to other people. And, if they ever needed to build a house again for some reason, which they probably wouldn’t since Andy Bogard makes sure that the houses are top-quality, they would make sure to use him. Whether they were working on building a home, getting a remodel, building an addition to a home, or getting some help with design elements, these customers were always satisfied. Over and over again, customers use words such as respectable, professional, neat, dependable, hard-working, and detail-oriented. Every customer receives the same amount of care as one before and leaves with 100% satisfaction.

Are you ready to get your free quote? If so, give Bogard and Sons a call at 231-499-6025 or visit their website, You will not be disappointed by the quality of care that you receive from Bogard and Sons.

Northern Michigan Home Builders | Choose Bogard and Sons for All of Your Home Construction Needs

Once upon a time, a man named Andy Bogard decided that he would enter into the home construction business. And, lo and behold, he discovered that he was insanely good at it and always made his customers happy and satisfied with his work. Thus, he decided to create his own company, and Bogard and Sons were born. Founded on ideals of quality, care, and communication, Bogard soon found his business rising above the other Northern Michigan Home Builders and settling at the top. His customers were consistently awed by his gorgeous work and the amount of commitment that he showed to their needs. Just to look at any of his reviews will show you how amazing his work is. You will consistently find words such as respectable, diligent, hard-working, detail-oriented, and professional among the reviews. With these glowing reviews, it is easy to see why Bogard and Sons are considered such an amazing and repeatable business.

More than any other of the Northern Michigan Home Builders, Andy Bogard of Bogard and Sons is a person committed to making sure that your project goes exactly according to plan, going above and beyond the call of duty to make your home beautiful. In fact, I do see some examples of the gorgeous work he has done, look at the photo gallery on his website. There you will see unique homes that are full of character, quality, and love. Vibrant colors and unique shapes make each home a work of art in and of itself that you will be excited to share with your entire family.

As a leader of the Northern Michigan Home Builders in both quality and commitment, Bogard and Sons offer several services that are of high quality. They work on both home remodel and construction, even going so far as to adding additions and helping in the design of the homes. If you are not sure that you know exactly what you need, Bogard and Sons are sure to have stellar ideas that you will fall in love with.

The sentence is so committed to making phone love their services that they offer pretty amazing deals. Not only can you get a free quote, but you can also get amazing additions for free when you make an appointment. Just to making an appointment and keeping it, you can get a free $10,000 outdoor kitchen OR boat dock and $100 gift certificate to Pearl’s New Orleans. That’s right, just for making and keeping that appointment, you get 10,000 hundred dollars worth of free goodies. This just goes to show how committed Andy Bogard is too astounding you with stellar service.

Ready to make a contract with the premier home builders in northern Michigan? If so, give Andy Bogard a call at 231-499-6025 or visit his website, No matter what your project, you can be sure that you will have 100% satisfaction when you contract Bogard and Sons.