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Northern Michigan Home Builders

There is nothing like building on home on a beautiful lakefront where you and your family can go to enjoy and create lasting memories. When it comes to the best Northern Michigan home builders, Bogard and Sons Construction offers exceptional service and will build a new outdoor kitchen or dock for absolutely free for you. It is amazing deal. So take advantage of this amazing offer today and schedule your appointment what does and receive a $100 gift certificate when you come and sit one of our designers design your next new project. Give us a call today at (231) 499-6025.

We will help make the planning process of building your new lakefront home as easy as possible. We understand that there is a lot of questions and decisions that have to be made. When we sit down and listen to you, we are taking notes to hear your drain and your vision of your home. We want to build a home we are family can come to for years and enjoy. We also want build a home that will while your family and friends. If you want the bells and whistles to, we will brainstorm ideas to make sure that you have exactly what you desire. For the best Northern Michigan home builders, contact Bogard and Sons Construction.

Take every precaution before we build your home. We make sure we go through a rigorous testing system to make sure that your home will be up to standards. We also go over and above and communicating with you in the building process so you know exactly where we are step by step in a process. We understand that not all contractors communicate with their clients and clients are left to guess what is being done on a property. That is not the case with us. We value your business and we want to make sure that we communicate with you daily about the progress being made on each phase of the project.

Our customers absolutely love that we communicate with them. Some of our customers live 4 to 5 hours away and some even live outside of the country. No matter where you live in Michigan or outside of Michigan, when you trust us to b even though I don’t know uild your home, you will know what we are doing every step of the way. You will the like as your right there with us on site. Our team is world-class and quality and speed. Our employees and trust is subcontractor partners are highly regarded and trust in the northern Michigan marketplace. We pride ourselves on having such a loyal and passionate employees. This means that you can trust us with your next home project.

Give us a call today and take advantage of our great offer to build you a new outdoor kitchen or dock when you decide to do business with us. We understand that the performance of our team is defining factor in producing a home that we can be proud to present to our clients. That means we we always make sure that we evaluate each and every project to ensure the best possible results and finished product.
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Northern Michigan Home Builders | A Home Your Family Will Love

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Northern Michigan Home Builders

Do you dream of sitting and watching the sunset at your new lakefront home? Let’s Bogard and Sons Construction build your next lakefront home where you can enjoy the summer or spring or even fall with your family and friends and create lasting memories. When you schedule an appointment with us you receive $100 gift certificate from us as we sit and listen to your next new project. We understand it time with family is a treasure and we build homes that connect generations and cultivate family relationships. So let us build a home that your family will absolutely love. For the best Northern Michigan home builders, give us a call at (231) 499-6025.

We understand that starting a new home building project can cause some people to feel overwhelmed because of all the decisions that need to be made about the various details of their new home. Those details are what make a home uniquely reflect you in the very and the very aspects that excite us about your new custom home project. We will walk with you to each step of the brainstorming process together we will have suggestions for you the reflect your personal taste and desire outcome for your new space. Let us give you what your heart desires and make your dreams a reality when you contact us today at Bogard and Sons Construction. For the best Northern Michigan homebuilders, give us a call today.

We will create an idea book to share ideas and details that you love incorporate these into your project. It can include small items such as trim details or faucet to a greater room window layout. These are details that people stop and. The details that make your custom home unique. So let us build the next new home for your family to come and spend time that you create lasting memories. For the best Northern Michigan home builders give us a call today.

Do you have a memory of playing chess with your grandkids or maybe you have found a fond memory of laughter with your closest friends over food and drinks and a sunset on the lake. During your initial meeting with Bogard and Sons Construction we want to hear all about the whys of your future project. When we know the why of your project, it helps even more to create and design home that is perfect for your family and one that they will love.

We specialize in creating space that you will actually enjoy. So when you give us a call and trust us to build your next new home, you’re putting your drain in the hands of people that care. We go over and above on every project. So do you dream of floating on perfectly still water in your afternoon schedule or dream of enjoying a cup of tea with friends on the dock then let us help make your dream a reality by taking a step in scheduling appointment with us today. For Northern Michigan home builders, contact us at (231) 499-6025 or today.