If you are looking for a new home in the Michigan area, you know that you want to find the best. It is not enough to find a builder that just gets the job done at the bare minimum; you want somebody who will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that your house is not only a building but a home. That is why, when looking for the Best Torch Lake Home Builder, you should go with Bogard and Sons. With a five-year company history of serving the public and focusing on complete customer satisfaction, you know that you will be in good hands whenever you contract with them.

Andy Bogard, the fact and owner of Bogard and Sons, has been a homebuilder since 2002, and he knows that to be the Best Torch Lake Home Builder, he needs to focus on customer satisfaction and quality care. Not that it is hard to do so, for he has a true heart making sure that all of his customers feel like family. In every way, he wants to make sure that his customers are completely satisfied with every single detail. In order to maintain accountability and fluid mitigation, Andy Bogart sends daily pictures of his progress to his customers so that he can be sure that everything is going according to plan and that they can catch any mistakes that he might make. Never hears of any problems, he works tirelessly until they are fixed. You know that you are in good hands when you work with Andy Bogard.

As the Best Torch Lake Home Builder, Andy Bogard, and his company have garnered many overwhelmingly positive reviews from his many happy customers. Positive descriptors such as detail-oriented, hard-working, dependable, professional, neat, and many others are scattered throughout the written and video testimonials on the company website. Bogard’s customers are so thoroughly happy with the care that they received that they are more than happy to recommend his services not only to strangers on the Internet, but also to their loved ones, friends, and family. A glance as the photo gallery on the website, full of photos of Bogard and Sons’ beautiful workmanship, is enough to make any potential home buyer consider using Bogard and Sons, even if they were on the market before.

When you sign on with Bogard and Sons, you will receive an amazing deal. Not only will you get a free quote, as any self-respecting homebuilder with you, but when you book your appointment with Andy Bogard, you will receive a free $10,000 outdoor kitchen OR boat dock and a $100 gift certificate to Pearl’s New Orleans. That’s right; that’s $10,100 worth of free goodies just for signing on with a Bogard and Sons contract. It’s just another way for them to say thanks for using their services.

Are you ready to start building the home of your dreams with the best contractors you’ll ever know? If so, give Bogard and sends a call at a 231-499-6025 or visit their website, bogardandsons.com. You’ll never make a better choice.

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Looking for someone who’s dependable and reliable to build your home? If so and you are a resident of Michigan, you’ve found the right company. Bogard and sons have been serving the public for five years and are anxious to serve you. As the Best Torch Lake Home Builder, their experience with construction is amazing.

In 2015, Bogard and Sons opened its doors, founded by Andy Bogard, The man committed text customer service. Due to his 18 years of experience in the field of construction, Andy knows what it means to put the customer first. And customer satisfaction is one of his top priorities. Whenever you work with Bogard sense, you will notice a difference instantly. Your needs are important, and your wishes are their command. As your project is being built, Andy Bogard will send you daily pictures of the progress so that you can be updated on every step and said that you can keep an accountable to the contract that he’s up with you. This is just one of the many reasons he is considered the Best Torch Lake Home Builder.

Whenever you contract with this Best Torch Lake Home Builder, you are going to receive some amazing deals. Not only are you going to receive a free quote, as any self-respecting homebuilder should give, you’re also going to receive a superb deal that cannot be matched anywhere else. When you book an appointment with Bogard and Sons to build your project, you will receive a free $10,000 outdoor kitchen OR boat dock and a $100 gift certificate to Pearl’s New Orleans. That’s right; that’s $10,100 worth of free goodies just as a way of saying thanks for using the Bogard and Sons. That is how committed the builders are to making you feel valued as their customer.

If you’d like to take a look at the work that Bogard and Sons has accomplished, pop on over to their website, bogardandsons.com. There, you will find pictures of beautiful houses that they have instructed, unlike any houses that you have ever seen before. With vibrant colors, unique designs, and atmospheres that will leave you breathless, you can be sure that a Bogard house is a beautiful house. If the pictures are not to convince you, though, then take a look at the testimonials page. Ever since the company’s founding, Bogard and Sons have been serving happy customers after happy customers, and these reviews are just a small taste of satisfaction that is found by the people whom the company has served. You will find positive descriptors such as hard-working, detail-oriented, neat, professional, dependable, and so much more scattered throughout the reviews, all evidence of the superb-quality work that will Bogard and Sons. Every customer is just as important as the last, so you can be sure that you will receive the same quality care as these happy, satisfied customers.

Are you ready to build the best home you’ve ever lived in? If so, contact on their website, bogardandsons.com, or by giving them a call at 231-499-6025. You will be more than satisfied with the care that Bogard and Sons gives you.