You know that dream house you’ve been thinking about since you were a kid, right? Do you know how you desire the best, with that luxury pool, the extra big reading room, and that nook in the basement? Of course. You always wanted to have this house built, but you never really taken the time money to do so. Well, if this is the year to finally build that dream house and make it a reality, then you need to contact the Best Torch Lake Home Builder. You need someone who will take your project seriously intake your dreams as seriously as you will. That is why you need to contact Bogard and Sons.

Bogard and Sons have been serving the public for five years and are headed by Andy Bogard, who has been serving as a home builder for 18 years. With happy customers after happy customers, the workers of Bogard and Sons know exactly what you need in order to make a house the best house that you could have. Customer satisfaction is their top priority, they will always make sure that your needs are being taken care of, first and foremost. In fact, throughout the entire building process, they will send you pictures about each step every day so you can see every bit of progress that is being completed. If any mistakes occur, you can easily catch them because they are so into accountability. And, when you let them know that something isn’t quite right, they will happily and immediately fix anything. These builders are builders you can trust.

Whenever you do contract with the Best Torch Lake Home Builder, Andy Bogard, you will get the opportunity for some amazing deals. Not only will you receive a free quote, as any self-respecting homebuilder will provide, you will also receive a couple of brief gifts just for signing on with Bogard. In addition to whatever project that you have contracted, you will receive a free $10,000 outdoor kitchen OR boat dock and a $100 gift certificate to Pearl’s New Orleans. Yes, you heard that right. You will receive $10,100 worth of free goodies just for signing on, as a way for the modern sense to say thank you for trusting that with your home.

Of course, once you see the work that Bogard and Sons have completed, you will never want to consider using anybody else for your home. In fact, if you look at the photo gallery on their website, you will understand why all their customers are so satisfied. The pictures include stellar views of gorgeous homes that are full of vibrant colors, unique designs, and incredible atmospheres that will make you want to drop everything and move today. I know that when I saw, that’s what I wanted to do. If the pictures are enough to convince you though, you can always look at the test of hills on the websites as well. Full of glowing reviews, you will see happy customers spouting off positive adjectives such as hard-working, detail-oriented, and meet, professional dependable, and so much more. You’ll soon understand why Bogard and Sons assuming we can trust.

Are you ready to get started on the home project of your life? If so, visit Bogard and Sons website, the guard site, or give them a call at 231-499-6025. You’ll be glad you did.

Best Torch Lake Home Builder | Expect the Best of the Best

Whenever you’re looking for a builder for your project, whether it’s for remodeling, an addition to your house, or a new house entirely, you want to make sure that you are receiving work from the best of the best. That’s why you need the Best Torch Lake Home Builder to do your job for you. And the best is Bogard and Sons, the amazing crew that has made houses for many happy customers since 2015.

Andy Bogard, the undisputed Best Torch Lake Home Builder, founded Bogard and Sons in 2015 and has been working on his own homebuilding since 2002. With all of this experience, he knows how to make sure that customer satisfaction is put first, above all else. In fact, whenever he is working with a customer on any project, he sends daily picture updates to them so that they can see everything that is going on, even if they are halfway across country at the time of the building. If the customer sees any problem cropping up, all they have to do is let him know, and he will fix it, no questions asked. After all, this is your home he’s building, not his, so he is going to make sure that it meets all of your standards.

You know that whatever you hire the Best Torch Lake Home Builder, Andy Bogard, that any project you contract is going to be amazing. Whether you need a boat dock, a kitchen, and an addition to your home, a major remodel, your entire home built, or just some design consultation, you are going to receive the best care. After all, with all this experience, you can be sure that Andy Bogard of Bogard and Sons knows what he’s doing. And he is so excited to help you and serve you that he has some amazing gifts to offer. Not only does he give free quote stalled potential customers first, as any self-respecting homebuilder would do, he also offers a signing bonus. When you sign up to work with him, he is going to offer you a free-floating deal and a $100 gift certificate to Pearl’s New Orleans. That’s right, you will get $10,100 worth of free goodies just for signing on, as a way of saying thank you for being his customer.

If you need more convincing that Andy Bogard is the man to go to, just take a look at the reviews on his website. Full of glowing video and written reviews, this testimonial page is just full of positive descriptors such as detail-oriented, meat, fresh, dependable, hard-working, and so much more. And, if that wasn’t enough to convince you that these guys are good at what they do, take a look at the photo gallery that showcases some of the beautiful projects that they. There, you will see houses with fiber colors, unique designs, and breathtaking atmospheres that will make you want to drop everything and move in today. Of course, they have to build your house first, so don’t get too excited. Yet.

Are you ready to get started on building that gorgeous dream house? If so, visit Bogard and Sons website,, Morgan, 231-499-6025. You will never make a better choice when it comes to building contracting.