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Thank you for your interest in Bogard and Sons Construction. We welcome you to our website! Being born and raised in northern Michigan, is a special blessing and the owners of Bogard and Sons Construction could not imagine living anywhere else. Andy and Sara Bogard grew up with a love of water and adventure, making this region of the country perfect for them. It is this joy for the lakes and the environment that is a pleasure to share. Northern Michigan life is full of adventure for Sara and Andy who are bringing up three sons Fisher, Noah, and Corbin to share those same passions. Whether its swimming, biking, boating, or skiing, you will find this family playing together. This bond of family time is what we build into our homes.

Everyone on our team gets excited at the sight of children and parents, grandchildren and grandparents enjoying the lake lifestyle together. It’s what they all look forward to; memories that last a lifetime are made at the lake cottage. The first time getting up on water skis, jumping off the end of the dock, and s’mores and stories by the campfire. We understand that today’s families are often divided by distance and the thought of creating a place for them to gather and spend time together is a privilege with which we’re honored to be entrusted.

Andy first got started building lakefront homes in 2002 and has owned Bogard and Sons Construction since 2015. Andy has a rich background in mechanical design before getting into custom home building. This field taught him a ton about proportions, spacial relations, and gave him an incredible eye for details. At Bogard and Sons Construction we understand what is important to lakefront home buyers in the Northern Michigan area. We understand that most of our clients who buy homes from us are purchasing the home as a second or third vacation home. This means that our clients are typically looking for large gathering areas, outdoor living, convenient lake access, and charming features. They often like a fair number of bells and whistles too! One of the top complaints about contractors is the lack of communication throughout the process. It is a major concern of our clients when they first come to us and we have found that by being more in touch with them Bogard and Sons Construction stands out amongst the other competitors in the market.

We solve the problem of keeping our clients in the loop by giving daily updates on the job progress and schedule. It is actually a part of our proven process and production systems to include pictures of the daily movement on the job site, so our customers never have to guess what we are up to. Because of our daily communication, our clients can monitor the progress of each phase of the process as if they were managing it themselves. The biggest thing that makes us different from other builders is the level of communication we have with our clients. Many times, we are building a home for people who live 4-5 hours away or sometimes even from across the country so this is something that sets us apart. We recommend reading our google reviews and testimonials to get a better idea as to what it is that makes us special to our other clients. Many people are frustrated by the lack of communication from their contractor and we find that sending photos and staying in touch with our clients throughout the process gives them peace of mind that they cannot find anywhere else. It also helps us to maintain a standard of excellence on our job sites and with our loyal employees knowing that we are working towards the client’s dream and that our team’s work is worthy of being under constant observation.

The Bogard and Sons Construction process is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. We pride ourselves in the way that we can work through our proven system for new custom lake home build-outs. Our team is world-class in quality and speed. Everyone on our team is dedicated to supplying excellent customer service and making sure that every detail is just the way that our clients request. At Bogard and Sons Construction we are interested in creating lifelong connection with our clients. Our employees and trusted subcontractor partners are highly regarded and trusted in the Northern Michigan marketplace and we are proud to have such loyal and passionate employees. Our focus is on quality rather than quantity with our custom home building clients. Before we allow anyone to work on our clients lakefront homes they all must pass through our rigorous evaluation processes in order to insure the best possible results and finished product possible. We understand that the performance of our team is the defining factor in producing a home that we can be proud to present to our clients.

Becoming a member of the Bogard and Sons Construction team is no easy process. We evaluate each subcontractor and prospective employee on various levels and occasions. To ensure that our team is performing according to the high standards we demand daily photos and updates of the project no matter whether it is a custom home built from the ground up, or a small addition or remodel. We have thought through each aspect of creating an outstanding lake home. From laying the foundation of tricky lakefront terrain to installing incredible finishing features and details inside of these one of a kind custom lakefront homes. Our first step in the process is always to sit down and get clear on what it is that our clients are dreaming of in their new vacation home. Our team is very intentional about helping clients to bring their vision to life. We can guide you through every step of the path with our years of construction and custom design experience at Bogard and Sons Construction.

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